GOD IS AT WORK! This year, 2015, our ministry served 500 students per week on three campuses, and 42 students say they have become Christians. Enjoy these stories and share your own: #BSMstories on Twitter.

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"BSM has equipped me in evangelism, in discipleship, and in reaching the world. My college experience will only last so long, but what I've learned at BSM will impact how I will live the rest of my life. - Kathryn, Junior


“Since coming to BSM, Christ has led me to grow asa man of God. I desire His will above my own and trust Him more than ever.” - Alex, Junior



“BSM helped me build a strong foundation that allows me to continue serving, growing, and reaching my community. It showed me how to live, serve, and love well inside and outside the church.” - Toria, Alumni