BSM 2016

Mission Trip to Campus

Hey Leaders Team, I want to tell you about our plans for the first 2 weeks of school and beyond. Our motto is “Give me freshmen or give me death!” and these first two weeks are crucial to reaching the maximum number of new students possible. We take mission trips all over the world; let's take one to UTA! Let me share some thoughts and then our plans.  



Jesus’s great commission in Matthew 28 isn’t, “Go and build events and programs.” It’s, “Go and make disciples.” It’s about people, not programs! It’s about us knowing God and helping others know him too. However, well thought out programs and well timed events help accomplish this mission. The BSM staff is working hard to put together strategic opportunities for ministry to make it easy for you to reach people and help them grow.



The first 2-3 weeks is critical for reaching new people. During this time, new students are open and will come to almost anything they get a personal invitation to. Everybody on campus needs to know we’re here! And while we’ll work hard to meet people and invite them to events, we especially want to share Jesus as often as possible.



Our greatest need is Jesus, but the greatest need we FEEL is to belong. The most important thing we can do in the first 2-3 weeks this semester, is offer people a real community. Jesus didn’t just invite us to heaven. He invites us into a relationship with him. BSM’s goal these first three weeks isn’t to just invite people to events. It’s for each one of us to invite new people into our lives.



  • Leaders Team OrientationMonday, Aug 22 at 5:30pm to Tuesday, Aug 23 at 3pm. All BSM leaders, interns and staff will gather to worship & seek God, get training for our ministries, and make plans for our various ministries. The staff will help you have all the resources you need to do the ministry God called you to do.


  • Connection Meetings – At summer orientations, we’ve collected names and info for almost 500 new students who are interested in BSM. We want to follow up personally with every single one! Just ask, and we’ll assign you a few (3-10) people and teach you how to schedule a Connection Meeting with them. This is a 15 minute appointment on campus to get to know them and invite them into our Christian community. It’s easy and makes a HUGE difference. Here's the training
Everybody's getting a free shirt! We'll all wear them during key events. 

Everybody's getting a free shirt! We'll all wear them during key events. 


  • Outreach Tables on Campus – The first four days of classes - Aug 25, 26, 29, 30 - we’ll setup a nice looking display in a busy part of campus from 10am-2pm each day. Come give away popsicles and invite people to New Student Social and the WideAwake Kickoff. Spend time at the table between classes whenever you’re free. Our goal is 4000 personal invitations!


  • Attending UTA Events – UTA hosts several really fun events: Late night Target Shopping, Waffleopolis, Mavs Meet Party, Pajama Jam. Go with a few BSM friends, enjoy yourself, meet new students and invite them to New Student Social and the WideAwake Kickoff. Here's a calendar with everything


  • Want to help move freshmen into the dorms? You can volunteer for UTA's Move-In Event by filling out this form. It's Monday, August 22, from 8:30am-4pm. You can sign up for one or more two hour shift. 


  • Residence Hall Outreach – Each Res Hall team is encouraged to brainstorm the best way to meet the residents in your hall, serve them and invite them to New Student Social and the WideAwake Kickoff.


  • New Student Social – Thursday night, Aug 25 at 8pm, we’re inviting every new student to a free pizza party at the BSM.  People will sit together with their WideAwake group leaders and get to know them BEFORE the WideAwake Kickoff. Here's BSM's entire "welcome back" schedule"


  • WideAwake Kickoff – Tuesday, Aug 30, 8pm in Palo Duro Lounge. God is good! We have to opportunity to launch WideAwake in one of the most visible and high traffic locations on campus! This will be the event that we promote the hardest and is key to our strategy of being disciples who make disciples.  


  • Trampoline Park Social – Thursday, Sept 8, 8-10pm at Flight Deck Trampoline Park. We’ll make planning your WideAwake group’s first social easy! Just invite people and come. It will be amazing. But you already knew that.


  • Fall Retreat – Sept 30-Oct 1 at Riverbend Retreat Center. It’s going to be great! When a new student attends Fall Retreat, they go from simply attending BSM to actually feeling like they’re part of BSM. You’ll personally be blessed by the program, and it will really help you minister to new students as well. Here's some more info



With God’s help, lots of new students will become part of our community. Then, we’ll all take part in timeless practices of the Christian faith: community, worship, prayer, Bible study, evangelism and obedience to Christ’s commands. You’ll grow in your faith, and they’ll grow alongside you. The BSM staff is here to be coaches and cheerleaders to equip and encourage you to know Him and make him know. The way to change the world, is by changing people’s lives. And we’re BEGGING God to do that this year!


To God be the Glory,